Saint Malo Soap
I have been meaning to try out the Modified Taiwan Swirl, a method invented by a soaper in Asia called Dear Soap. His soaps are beautiful. It entails separating your soap batch into multiple colors and pouring into a divider mold (you can actually make it without dividers with a […]

Saint Malo Soap with Modified Taiwan Swirl

Soap Preview
I have been making a ton of soap in preparation for relaunching ZAJA Natural this fall. I plan on having at least 30 new soaps with coordinating Organic Shea Body Butters, perfumes, and a few new facial products. I have been trying out a lot of new techniques. And as always, the […]

Soaping up a storm

Get a $25 Lyft credit for your first ride with the code LYFTATLANTAZ.
Yesterday I left the Lyft app on all day. There has been a theory here in the Atlanta area that Uber is creating fake accounts on Lyft and requesting rides, only to cancel. This is supposedly being done to dissuade us from using Lyft. But at the rates Uber gives its drivers, […]

Sweet Success – Lyft and Uber and Beer Soap

Use Uber code UBERATLZ for a $20 credit
Picked up a passenger for Uber yesterday who had a two year old. She actually had a car seat ready (yah). We are not supposed to let children who need a car seat ride without one for obvious reasons. I am a mom, and the thought of not using all […]

Mom Fail – Uber Story

Since my daughter Isabella is 12 now, I decided to make her my soap assistant. In the past she has wanted to watch me and help me make soap, but I felt that she was too young and would not follow directions very well. This is the first time she […]

Making Ume Soap

I have been experimenting lately with using the color wheel to design my batches. For years I have just winged it, picking colors that I felt were suitable together without much thought. Sometimes the end product was not what I expected, although it was still pretty and presentable. A few […]

Making Kai Soap

Me and the kids.
We have a park here called Stone Mountain Park. It is a national monument here in Georgia, which boasts about having “the largest piece of exposed granite in the world.” On this giant piece of granite there is a carved Confederate memorial. It is really a sight to behold, and […]

Family fun at Stone Mountain Park

100_3217 11
*Disclaimer- please ignore my messy blog. I just transferred all my posts and pics from my blog that is attached to my business website and for some reason a lot of my pictures disappeared. Working on getting this new blog set up. Thanks for visiting and commenting!* When I first […]

My entry for Amy Warden’s July Soap Challenge — Embracing ...

I entered a soap making challenge this month. Amy Warden from Great Cakes Soapworks challenged us to make soap inspired by Ebru Art. Ebru Art is an ancient art form where the artist paints on water. There are so many different techniques out there, so we had to pick one […]

My Ebru Art Entry for Amy Warden’s June 2015 Soap ...

The holiday season is here! Cutoff order dates for receiving your order before Christmas: USA: December 8th if you pick First Class Shipping. December 15th if you pick Priority Mail. December 20th for Priority Mail Express. Canada and International: November 25th for all orders regardless of shipping speed.  Please note […]

Holiday shipping info 2014 – Please read

ommegang-take-the-black-stout 39
Nov. 6th: Rachel Griesmer is the winner of this giveaway! Congratulations! We are pretty excited to share the great news! We added eight new beer soaps today, including one made with a beer soap that honors the popular TV show and book series The Game of Thrones. Ommegang Brewery released […]

New Soaps and Winter is Coming + New Giveaway

bay rum deodorant
We are counting down the weeks until Christmas with a giveaway each week. Enter below. Winner will be notified via email. Please visit our online store and receive 10% off any order of $20 or more. USe code 10%off$20 at The Beer Soap Company.   a Rafflecopter giveaway

The Beer Soap Company Deodorant and Soap Giveaway