Pear Blossom Soap 4

I love this fragrance. It is an amazing blend of Pear Nectar, Bergamot, Ripe Orchard Apples mixed with Lily, Rose, Pear Blossoms, Gardenia, Jasmine, Vanilla, and Sandalwood.


I didn’t know what colors I wanted to use so I headed over to Design Seeds. I found this lovely palette and instantly liked it. I had all the colors except the darker pink. I was able to mix that color by taking some Raspberry Vibrance and mixing with a little activated charcoal.


Color Palette


I have been making tall and skinny soap bars for over five years. I was excited to see the Tall and Skinny Shimmy challenge. I have two custom skinny bar Soap Hutch molds that can make bars up to 5″ tall. But the problem with my molds is that they are built to make four logs. Which makes tipping the entire soap mold back and forth rather hard. So I took the advice of Tatsiana (Soap by Steso) and built my own soap mold with a foam board.

This is my first and only attempt so far. I am happy with the way they turned out. Some things that I would change:

I would place the pencil at the very edge under the mold. I don’t know why I kept putting it in the center.

I would also use more water. I did not use a stick blender, but I used a rather steep water discount. Which is not usually a problem for me. The soap started setting up faster than I wanted it to, even though my recipe is slow moving. It was also my first time using this fragrance, which could have played a factor as well.


Some finished pictures:


Here is the full video of me making and cutting the soap.

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About Zaidat

Mother of a daughter and two sons. I own and operate a home based soap company with my husband, who is a retired Air Force veteran. I love science, reading, travel, and learning new things.

  • amywarden

    Your soap turned out super cute, Zaidat! I would guess it was the fragrance that sped up trace for you with notes of lily and gardenia…so interesting how one half of your soap looks like drops and the other side filled in the spaces between. Your colors perfectly match your color palette too which is amazing! Hope you had fun!! 🙂

    • Thank you! Yes, I bet those scent notes were the culprits. I was hoping the other side would have cooperated, but better luck next time for sure!

  • Debi Olsen

    Your colors were spot on and your shimmy perfect! Great job!