The Princess Collection

I was making cream soap (Gelato) today and my daughter Bella made an observation. She said that the colors and the piping reminded her of Disney princesses. I had been battling with what to name each scent. With that simple statement, my 14 year old gave me inspiration. In an effort to engage her and make her a part of the project, I put her to the task of naming each scent and pairing each princess with the scent she thought she would smell like.

Introducing the Princess Collection. We still have a few princesses to go, but I hope you like the ones we have came up with. Check them out in the Bath Gelato section of the store.

How cream slap is made.


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About Zaidat

Mother of a daughter and two sons. I own and operate a home based soap company with my husband, who is a retired Air Force veteran. I love science, reading, travel, and learning new things.