Who is Z?

Hi! My name is Zaidat, but you can call me Z. I am a professional soap maker. My educational background is in Biology and Chemistry, which is one of the reasons why I pursued soap making.

In 2003, after having my daughter and trying to create a budget, I decided to start dabbling in making my own bath and body products. Until then I had been a Bath and Body Works product junky, but with a new baby and a new recognition of the many hazardous materials that we apply to our skin every day, I knew that I could no longer shop at BBW.  My first project was my Charcoal soap. Many batches later, after perfecting the recipe, it became a staple in my skin care regimen, as well as the go to product for thousands of customers for the past 11 years.

My love of creating quickly grew. After establishing my company, ZAJA Natural, I set up show on Ebay and Etsy. In those early years, Etsy was a booming marketplace where you could literally list something and it would sell instantly (I miss those days!). I closed up my Ebay shop to focus on Etsy. In 2008 I was Etsy’s features seller for their Quit Your Day Job series.

A year later, I started The Beer Soap Company. This men’s line of soaps made with popular beers from around the world quickly exploded in popularity, landing a feature in Rachael Ray Magazine a month after launching, and on Etsy’s Featured Sellers list in November of 2009. The Beer Soap Company’s Etsy shop.

Nowadays, I am working on going back to school while continuing to grow our companies. My husband is a retired Airman and also works with the business full time. My goal of becoming a Dermatologist has not diminished, but life throws many hurdles and you just have to keep jumping over them. The company keeps growing, for which I am grateful in this economy.

I love to cook. I also love to eat. I enjoy reading and watching movies. Any genre! I also like to travel.

I am an avid weightlifter. Being fit for myself and for my family is very important to me. Currently I can squat 225 lbs, bench 135 lbs and dead lift 225. My fitness goals are to lose this baby weight and stay fit and healthy. Fitness keeps you looking young! I practice IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros) and if you would like to learn more about it, I will post regularly about my weight loss journey.

I am also a rideshare driver. I drive with Uber, Lyft, and Postmates. This enables me to get out of the house and earn extra money and meet new people. Having a home based business can be a bit isolating. If you are looking for a free ride or to become a driver, I have some codes for you. These codes will get you a free ride credit. If you become a driver, they come with a lovely sign on bonus.

Uber code: UBERATLZ

Lyft code: LyftAtlantaZ

These codes can be used in any city where Uber and Lyft are offered.

Be sure to check back often as I post about new soaps, recipes, and fitness programs. Thanks for stopping by!

Meet the family:

My husband and I on our wedding day (we got married after being together for 10 years and having two kids!):


Our two older children:


And our baby boy: